MusicFrost 3.3 for Windows 10


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MusicFrost is an application that allows you to listen and download music in MP3 format. The program is very user-friendly. In the text box type the name of the artist or the song title you want to hear. After pressing Enter, or available in the following search Search button. When it is completed, the window will be its results - the name of the artist, song title, duration, size and bitrate. For each of the found files, there are three options for succession, download or play the file and display a direct link leading to this particular song. This is useful when we want someone to present a song title eg via IM. Saving music files, you can specify the destination, which will be collected of the songs. MusicFrost lets you easily and quickly compose your own playlist, and the number of available tracks is really impressive. Among them are both Polish and foreign pieces, representing all possible genres.